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Cool stuff to do for the little ones

We here at the Remote Possibilities home school labs are lucky in some respects as our students are older and (mostly) self directed. Keeping younger ones occupied and distracted must be much more daunting. These Australian parents really seem to have it together. Once you get over the jealousy of how much better and easier their lives are, dig into the interesting projects. From the site:

Today I want to share with you twelve really easy Montessori activities that use materials you may already have at home. Most of these activities are best suited to toddlers and preschoolers. Many of these activities I do with my toddler but an older child may like to do them independently. It's great to take time to set them up but don't worry, you are a busy parent at home, they don't need to be presented the same way they would be in a Montessori classroom. If you find your child/ren really like some of these activities, many of them can be reused and refreshed with different materials for example add new items to the mystery bag!

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