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Doing it Live—A little More Serious Business

Have you teenagers finally tired of TikTok and YouTube? If so, maybe suggest a few of these live chats, where experts dive into the particulars of their careers. Just these three tomorrow look interesting.

From the site:

Nepris is a virtual learning platform used by over 75,000 educators at more than 600 school districts across the country, bringing real-world relevance and career exposure to students through live, virtual connections with industry experts. Nepris has connected students with industry professionals who work in a wide variety of jobs, from cosmetology to engineering.

Many of these virtual sessions are about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), but there are also authors, artists, designers, actors, athletes, entertainers, and more available. The professionals talk about their jobs and help students see that their education has a real connection to the world of work. The live sessions let students ask questions to gain insights from working professionals, participate in mock interviews, and even present their own projects for feedback. Most importantly, these connections enable students to envision themselves in a variety of careers, regardless of their location or economic status.

Every educator, student, and parent is now able to participate in Nepris Industry Chats- live, interactive talks with guest speakers which take place virtually throughout the day - at no cost. They also now have unlimited access to the Nepris Video Library of over 9,000 archived videos. These educational sessions include everything from high-level career introductions and resume reviews, to virtual tours of workplaces, and real-world science and tech activities for kids.

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