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Don't Leggo of those Legos

If my Facebook feed is any indication, there may be no better "day burner" tool for the 5-15 set than everyone's favorite foot-killing blocks. Three weeks later however, and interest may be waning. The Lego Foundation is here to help with plenty of fresh ideas, many of which can be justified under the "learning at home" curriculum. A snip from the press release: "So we’ve assembled our designers, STEM gurus, creatives and play experts. We’ve dug through our archives and come up with new ways to provide fun, play-based learning ideas to children and parents. Our hope is to alleviate some of the strain and stress for families while keeping children engaged and curious. We’ve created and launched #letsbuildtogether across our social channels as a way to share building ideas, daily challenges set by LEGO® designers, retro builds, and live build-a-longs with fans everywhere. Of course, you can also go rogue too. See below:

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